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Display Latest Content by Taxonomy – Shortcode Plugin

Easily showcase the latest content from your WordPress site based on taxonomy with a simple shortcode. This plugin provides a flexible way to display recent posts, products, or custom post types with customizable options for layout, design, excerpts, and more.

Key Features:

  • Taxonomy-Based Filtering: Display content from specific taxonomies and terms. Ideal for showcasing category-based content, product types, or custom taxonomies.
  • Shortcode Flexibility: Use a simple shortcode to insert your customized content display anywhere on your site, from posts and pages to widgets.
  • Customizable Layouts: Choose between vertical and horizontal layouts to fit your site design. Add a unique touch with design variations.
  • Content Display Options: Show titles, excerpts, thumbnails, and even product prices (for WooCommerce products). Control the number of items displayed.
  • Built-In WooCommerce Support: Compatible with WooCommerce products, allowing you to display product-specific details such as prices.
  • Additional Attributes: Customize your display with thumbnail sizes, excerpt lengths, and custom CSS classes for unique styling.

Ideal for:

  • Bloggers who want to highlight recent posts from specific categories.
  • Online stores that need to showcase the latest products by type or collection.
  • Content creators with custom post types who want an easy way to display recent content by taxonomy.

Easy to Use:

Simply insert the shortcode in your desired location, and customize its attributes to create the exact display you need. It’s that simple!


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.0 and above.
  • Designed to work with WooCommerce for product-related content.
  • Works with most WordPress themes and other plugins.

Upgrade your site’s content display with this versatile plugin. Download now and start showcasing your latest content with ease.


simple and efficient!

By tiniewini on May 21, 2024

super easy and straightforward to use! the setup is quick and the interface is simple.. so anyone can use it, even for non tech-savvy... it works smoothly without any problems... highly recommended for its simplicity and efficiency. thank you author! 🙂

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